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EZ Moves Furniture Lifter

Price: From $19.95 to $34.99

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Pairing the NEW EZ Moves Furniture Lifter with EZ Moves Furniture Slides can help reduce the risk of back injuries by eliminating the need to lift and carry heavy items when moving.


The specially designed EZ Moves Furniture Lifter relieves the strain of tilting the furniture by giving you the leverage you need to safely and easily lift the corners of the furniture. Then simply place the furniture slides under the legs or corners of; furniture, filing cabinet, credenza, etc., and easily slide from room to room. This combination of tilting and sliding makes the moving process much more ergonomic.
Upgrade to the PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter  and get up to 40% MORE LIFTING POWER.  A full 7" taller, it can be used while standing; so it's perfect for people with back, hip or knee problems.
Although created to make placing EZ Moves Furniture Slides simple and ergonomically correct, both lifters are also great tools to help place area rugs under furniture, level adjustable legs, and clean under appliances and other items.